Chocolate Exquisite

Chocolate Exquisite is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality, hand moulded European style chocolates. The chocolate that is used is French, and the fillings consist of chocolate and natural cream with some flavouring. Each chocolate consists in total of 82 % chocolate, 16.5 % natural cream, and 1.5% flavouring. (These percentages are approximate and would vary immaterially from piece to piece depending on the shape and flavour.) The flavours are natural, but some flavour compounds have some miniscule components in the preservative that would prevent them from being classified as "natural". These can be seen in our detailed descriptions later on in the site.

Chocolate Exquisite News

Christmas Hours
Check our contact page for hours!

Chocolate Exquisite is Closing
Please note that the shop will be closing after Christmas due to unforeseen medical issues.
If we are sold out prior to Christmas, we will close earlier.
Gelato will still be available at Mother's Market at the same location across from Foremsky and beside Sun Works.
Thank you for your patronage over the last 10 Years.
- Dennis & Donna